REVIEW album Julia Thomsen Beauty Inside And Out (Single)

Julia Thomsen Delights With 'Beauty Inside And Out'

Beauty Inside And Out (Single)

Julia Thomsen

Julia Thomsen is a London based music composer who comes from a background of film compositions. She originally hails from Scotland but having spent many years in the capital; she has found a nest for herself and is building quite a name as being one of the most potent neo-classical songwriters of recent times.

Her new release 'Beauty Inside And Out' is a calming gemstone with her driving the composition forward with conviction. It takes a neo-classical angle which is refreshing given the number of modern composers who do not often sway close to this genre. I enjoy how the piece picks up pace in places, and it regularly picks us up, taking us high off the ground before taking us back down to earth with mesmerising deliveries.

For me, the track is an enjoying piece and one which I will be keeping close for quite some time. It has a melody which sticks deep, and it is captivating while also being an emotional work of art. However, I would enjoy for the composition to be slightly longer. Furthermore, it sits at just under 2 minutes and 50 seconds, which I can understand why, because it influences us to hit replay for another fix. But, I feel that there is still so much more to offer in this piece that a little more could have added even more wonder. Nevertheless, it is substantial, and one which I am sure will resonate well with many.

So, if you are looking for a track which will make you feel at ease and give you the all-important rest time which we all deserve right about now, look no further than this new release.