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She Got Claws

Doppleganger from Shes Got Claws.

How do you like your electronic music? Pop or rock or with dirty bass or stomping beats Gary Numan style or maybe hints of Prodigy well in Doppelganger the latest offering from She's Got Claws you get that and more on these 11 tracks of pleasure two years in the making and three since the 2017 War Torn for UNICEF album . So who are Shes Got Claws, Micci Lou is the behind the seductive vocals and drum programming, lyrics , masters , mixes keys , produces every thing and it would not surprise me if she even makes the brews. Chris O-Ten is the one who gives you the dirty fretless bass on Adulation , No Justice (All Lies) and powerhouse bass on the title track Doppelganger he has been playing bass three decades.

The opening track Adulation has pure dirty bass and the seductive vocals from Micci and one produced by Andy McCluskey ( of OMD fame )

One track I love and I am sure Keith Flint would have loved and that is Lying in the Dust due to the Prodigy style beats and perhaps one for the dance floor

Love lies Bleeding gives you those beats you would expect from early Gary Numan but with a more up to date twist and yet again the bass lurks just under the synths but no less dirty another produced by Andy McCluskey

No Justice ( All lies ) well I will leave that to your own imagination what it is about and Chris gives you sleazy bass but a fretless one this has to be one of my favourite tracks

Lithium the vocals on this track are sultry and melancholic taking you through a relationship that is not good for you but escaping is not so easy

Dreaming my eyes Open tells you not to give up the vocals are warm and as ever with Micci seductive but with a hint of sadness on this track and she almost begs not to give up on dreams

Musik this is one for the Kraftwerk fans I dont think it is a homage to Kraftwerk but with the synths and vocoder and dirty bass from Chris it is a winner

Doppelganger is a more poppy track which reminds me of the of the clubs on Ibiza with ery one bouncing and foam yes I remember the foam and all nighters

Smoking Gun I love the intro of bass and synth and the stunning gentle vocals from Micci almost sad but still powerful

Numbers Station if you like your bass to menace you then this is one track that does just that it lurks in the back and awesome strings that take you in to dark spy movies deep and murky

your bonus track is
Music -remix by Cameron McCluskey (Taka) nephew to Andy

to sum it up after two years in the making it is well worth the wait and I can not wait to get it played on my radio show and is available to pre-order 11 September and release date 25 September so my advice go and get it

Dave Gilson
Preston Hospital Radio