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The Otherness

I have never enjoyed the sound of an alarm clock. I am 36 years old and I have been through an eclectic mix of horribly manufactured role calls. From the failing and ultimately entertaining bedside clock from ‘Home Alone’, to the worst part of Day in the Life, to Sonny and Cher in Groundhog Day…. ….. I hate that sound. Thing is, sometimes you need to be woken up (even if its for a plot device full of holes).

I was awake, at full pelt, and several whiskies in when I first heard this song, I had been listening to “The Beatles” (White Album to everyone else who doesn’t but does give a shit) and I had been sent this song, and I have to say, that it blew me away. It sounded big, like Lou Reed big.

The intro is completely different to anything I have heard this band play in my opinion. It was particularly aggressive but sleek also and melodic. Dominant guitar, cushioned by some frankly superb drumming and a flowing vocal line.

Well, the vocal line is something else. Lyrically it’s the best this band has done, the ebb and flow between positive and darkness is very exciting to me It really rides in and out. Rhetorical questions are brusquely answered with a tight and frankly unforgiving riposte. Typical of the band, but no less enthralling.

As has become the case recently with the Otherness, it’s yet another not so, but oh so so horror story about to happen in the objectively beautiful scenery of comfort and sanctuary. Like Mary Shelley on the banks of some lake, I couldn’t be bothered to look up…. think its Geneva possibly? Anyway, I digress. The song is scary. Its an alarm call,” DO NOT DISTURB!” And it is disturbing. Disturbing and exciting and slick and cool. It really is a cracking song!