REVIEW album Lullaby See Me Through (Single)

The Sensational Electropop Single From Lullaby

See Me Through (Single)


Lullaby is a Southern-Italian singer-songwriter who is one to watch. Her entrancing and ethereal song 'See Me Through' dropped on August 27th and it showcases mellow magic with sultry vocals, sweeping layers of synth and minimal percussion. The single calls to mind Beth Gibbons of Portishead with angst-tinged vocals, as well as the experimental pop sensibilities and production of both Imogen Heap and Sevdaliza.

Inspired by dreams and sleep - as is evident in the artist’s very name - Lullaby (real name Mary Delli Santi) is clearly taking inspiration from deep slumber. The mesmeric mesh of vocals, including a lead, backing and harmonies, each delivered by the artist, are truly dream-like. The music is dark and edgy; at once calming and unnerving, reminiscent of that half-awoken state between dreaming and reality. Her previous single 'Seashell' also explored a similar theme, described by the artist as being 'a representation of a dream turning into a nightmare'.

Written during the lockdown period, Lullaby channels the longing for adventure that rises amidst loneliness, and 'See Me Through' is a welcome respite.

Lullaby's fresh take on an electro-pop soundtrack results in a unique approach to music-making, with the ethereal tone of vocalists in the vein of Lana del Rey and Billie Eilish, melded with the darkness of Portishead and the more experimental end of the pop spectrum in its refreshing production.

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