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Just Listen To Sea Change's Captivating Debut Album

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

An album that captivates raw emotion... is that too deep? Even if it was, Sea Change’s album 'Breakage' is one of the most soul captivating and empowering albums I’ve heard in a long time. Set for release on February 23rd this anticipated album will no doubt make you stop, listen and think.

After the great success from Sea Change’s single “Squares” which was released at the start of this year, we are finally able to grab a hold of the great source where such a track came from. “Squares” did the magnificent job of enticing you in with its underlying beat and harmonised vocals yet was upbeat enough to make you sway and feel empowered rather than depressed. Other tracks on the album that relate to this upbeat empowerment is “Above” as trinkets of electronic currents set the tone but just after a minute into the song the tempo is increased releasing that endorphin.

However, a good album always conveys versatility and the tone of “Breakage” is decreased with tracks such as “Fearless” and “Stairs” which are chilling but still safe to say ambient. Echoes fill the tracks and improvised instrumentation pinpoints Sea Change’s electro sound, with her charming and angelic vocals it is similar to the likes of MO and Lykke Li but turns the album into a haunting direction. “Breakage” is the type of album that it seems we have forgotten about, the atmospheric approach makes us think, realise and imagine.

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