REVIEW album Bear Witness Laugh Out Loud (LOL) (Single)

BEAR WITNESS - Laugh Out Loud (LOL) - Single Review

Laugh Out Loud (LOL) (Single)

Bear Witness

Birmingham-based Alternative Rock duo Bear Witness have release brand new single ‘Laugh Out Loud (LOL)'. Less than a year since their previous release but understandably bands can't rack out the singles in these COVID times!!!

This track has a certain charm to it for sure. Breathy vocals introduce us to a rocky chorus. And an almost trippy vibe to the song.
Bear Witness have shown serious creative drive in writing a track that draws from a multitude of genres outside of Rock to create something that is completely their own.

This track does make me wonder how good these guys would be live. I suspect very good! Unfortunately it may be a while for everyone until that can be seen but gigs do seem to be coming back (Thank goodness!).

I recommend you check this single out and maybe go see the band when you can. Looks a good prospect.
Rock on!!