REVIEW album Liz Cass Bad Love (Single)

London-Based Singer Liz Cass Finds Her Voice In Upcoming Autobiographical Debut Album ‘Her Bare Bones’, Addressing Toxic Love

Bad Love (Single)

Liz Cass

At first glance, you could mistake the soul-pop songstress for a newcomer to the music industry, but Liz Cass is a musician who has had a truly diverse career.

From her first introduction to music at age 6, Cass went on to become a choral soloist with the Lincoln Cathedral Choir, while also receiving classical singing training.

She knew that music was what she was meant to do with her life when, at age 11, when she was given a notable carol solo to perform in front of 800 people, and by age 19, Cass had a burgeoning jazz career, performing at the West End and opening the Palermo Jazz Festival.

Fast-forward through her jazz career, hiatus to work in the property market, and rediscovery of her music career through becoming a top line vocalist for dance music tracks for house legends Camelphat and Hot Since 82, we see Cass at where she is now: she has found her voice and is ready to release music that is truly representative of who she is, baring all about her tumultuous life on her very own debut album ‘Her Bare Bones’, backed by UK record label frtyfve.

‘Bad Love’ and ‘Chaos’ are the lead singles of Cass’s upcoming album, which tease the listener with what is to come: sultry, soulful vocals accompanied by equally huge bassy backing rhythms.

Despite the electro-fuelled pace of the tracks, the lyrics are emotive, truthful and woeful in places, reminiscing and reflecting on bad relationships and Cass’s own life experiences, with an experienced, wiser perspective.