REVIEW album Tod Almond Start Again (Single)

Tod Almond’s Debut Album Sees A Return To Classic Guitar-Driven Rock

Start Again (Single)

Tod Almond

Guitar teacher by day, guitar God by night, Tod Almond harnesses the power of classic rock in his single ‘Start Again’, ahead of his debut album, ‘If Only You Could See’, due to be released in October.

Equal parts classic rock and authentic punk with an innovative spin, Almond’s distinctive sound is a welcome nod to classic song-writing and the guitar virtuosity of arena circuit bands of yesteryear.

Providing a comprehensive history lesson in rock through the ages as well as a bold and creative extension into present-day rock, Almond’s upcoming album channels an amalgamation of many nostalgically familiar sounds through his own musical ear, into brand new original material you feel like you’ve heard before: listening to his music almost gives you déjà vu.

The self-taught multi-instrumentalist takes influence from some of the most revered rock of the past 60 years. Almond’s lead single ‘Start Again’ combines ageless, soaring guitar solos, with the psychedelic sound effects of Pink Floyd, all accompanied by his trademark melodic vocals, fuelled by Almond’s passion for making music and finally doing what he feels he was born to do.

Despite the inspiration for ‘If Only You Could See’ coming from a relationship breakdown, Almond has never been more motivated to make, produce and release his music as the emotions he felt spurred his creative streak back into action. The lyrics are honest, meaningful and full of emotion, but are ever-underpinned by optimism and a positive outlook, proving it is possible to build yourself up and ‘Start Again’.

Keep your eyes peeled for Tod Almond's exclusive live recordings coming soon on Facebook in the lead up to his debut album, 'If Only You Could See'.