REVIEW album Calboa Admission (Single)

Calboa Delivers Indie Gem With 'Admission'

Admission (Single)


Hull indie frontman Calboa is back with his new track 'Admission'. It is the indie track which any indie fan will crave, and it brings a unique vibe to the party, which is challenging to resist.

A sublime guitar lead starts the track, and it takes influence from 'Viola Beach'. But, I am uncertain if this is a direct influence or an uncanny resemblance. Calboa, then quickly arrives with a top-class vocal performance with him catching the sweet spot regularly. He sings with a novel vocal effect, and it sounds as though he is singing through a megaphone at times, but it works and adds a profound impact.

In the verse, he grips us with his biting melody arrangement. He sings about a topic which many of us will be able to relate with, a story about real life. I relish the quick pace which the track possesses. It is very offbeat from his previous tracks, and this one brings a more feel-good vibe which is stimulating given the number of sad songs popping out of the indie space in recent times.

Vocally, Calboa sings with enthusiasm, especially in the chorus. He elongates his words in trendy fashion, and his orthodox singing approach pays off with him plucking at the heartstrings while also providing lots of energy and snap.

Towards the end of the track, the track switches structure and a guitar lead guides the track to the finale with its sharp tone. Calboa concludes 'Admission' with another unforgivable chorus, and it leaves us itching to hit replay with its catchy sentiment.

For me, I love this new sound from Calboa, so much so I cannot wait to hear what else he has up his sleeve.