REVIEW album Scott Helman Nonsuch Park (sa)

Scott Helman Delivers Again With Brand New Album - 'Nonsuch Park (sa)'

Nonsuch Park (sa)

Scott Helman

Scott Helman has finally released his eagerly awaited album, the nostalgia tinged - 'Nonsuch Park (sa)'. A massive 11-track project it contains previously released classics such as 'Wait No More', 'EVERGREEN', 'Everything Sucks' and the moving 'Papa', with accompanying video.

New favourites now include 'True Crime', the single track 'Lois' and 'Good Problems' to name but a few of the unheard additions.

From the very first listen, it is clear that this album marks a poignant place in the artist's career and heart as it is named after an English park often visited by him and his late 'Papa'. This nod to his UK roots, strengthens the bond between the Canadian artist and England, by paying homage to some of his fondest memories and recognising how this integral piece paid a part in where and who he is today. This understanding brings his fans across the water even closer to the artist and as they continue to grow it seems clear that Scott Helman is well on his way for international and global success.