REVIEW album Artem Ramsey …And All The Leaves Stood Still (Single)

Artem Ramsay's Fitting Tribute

…And All The Leaves Stood Still (Single)

Artem Ramsey

A life in music seems to have been destined for Artem Ramsay from the day he was born. Better known as Muhammad Abdul Al Khabyyr, the renowned trombonist and fixture of Quebec’s music scene and beyond for more than 40 years can’t remember a time when music wasn’t prevalent in his life. His professional career has spanned a multitude of genres, from jazz, to rock, pop, and classical.

Ramsay’s new song, “…and all the leaves stood still,” came to life in the wake of a death and is completely performed on piano. Sitting on his porch after the loss of someone dear, the air and large trees that enveloped him were still. Suddenly, a golden maple leaf appeared on the ground in front of him. Ramsay understood; all those leaves had stood in honor of that one fallen leaf. Yes, leaves are like people, no different.

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