REVIEW album Jameel Mason Quarantine Mami (Single)

Jameel Mason Delivers Post Lockdown Gem

Quarantine Mami (Single)

Jameel Mason

Jameel Mason is the New Jersey rising star who has provided the hip hop goods here with his new release 'Quarantine Mami'.

Finding influence from some of the greats of yesteryear, Jameel has combined what works so well with a new style of his own and it makes for a stimulating listen. Taking us on a journey from the get-go, Jameel raps as if he is born to be a global name. Furthermore, his rap bars flow effortlessly, and he grips us with his relevant poetry.

Kicking off is a tight beat section which fastens us in firmly. It comes with a melodic synth arrangement which pushes Jameel into a realm of distinction. Cleverly, he opens with a rap quality which is no replica of anything else we hear in the modern industry. I also relish how he mixes up his style regularly with him often delving deep into his own corner with infection.

Overall, it is a track which is challenging to find fault. It is upbeat, and it leaves a long-lasting indent. Also, the female vocal we hear towards the end is a new angle for the record, and it keeps the excitement burning with her vocal performance shining radiantly. Also, between them, they bring a unique aura which many, including myself, have been craving for quite some time.

Well, lockdown appears to have benefited the pair who have put together a gem here. Let's hope they continue to team up because they are certainly onto something with this record.