REVIEW album FIERO Reunion (EP)

FIERO Deliver Wonderfully Dreamy Debut EP 'Reunion'

Reunion (EP)


Having already made a name for themselves with their highly-acclaimed initial singles 'Between The Bars' and 'Coupe', US dream-pop duo FIERO have now unveiled their long-awaited debut EP 'Reunion', and it is just as good as we hoping it would be.

Led up by the collection's title-track, the duo mix a blend of rich and airy electronics with sweeping vocals to create this fresh and enticing debut offering. Cemented by Kelsey Bulkin's stunning vocal performance, 'Reunion' looks to take the conventional dream-pop sound and bring a bolder and more intense production to the fold, leading to a wonderfully textured and captivating initial release.

FIERO have already made their mark with publications like Notion and Clash picking up their previous offerings, and this new EP looks to see them go even further. Trust me, you need to hear what these two have put together.