REVIEW album Etoile Marley Cuffing Season (Single)

Etoile Marley Entrances Us Again With 'Cuffing Season'

Cuffing Season (Single)

Etoile Marley

Previously a dancer, actor and circus performer, Etoile Marley is the French-Australian singer with soul that you need to have on your radar. Drawing on her experience as a performing artist, Etoile is an incredibly confident and professional live performer who can 'bust a move'. (She may have a few circus tricks up her sleeve too!) Her music is described as Dark Pop meets bluesy Rock with a unique tone and lower register in her voice often likened to that of the beautiful Sade.

Etoile Marley's latest single ‘Cuffing Season’ is the first single to be released from the artist’s mesmerising 6-track EP which is out this November. 'Cuffing Season' is rife with catchy melodies and introspective lyrics. Her voice is soothing and sultry, with the song very much like a painting, whereby the listener is drawn into a haze of textures and colour created with the music and vocal. Marley knows how to do things differently while also offering us some of our favourite R&B and soul moments we have all grown to love. She offers her own unique twist of these genres, with a touch of darkness in the manner of Lana del Rey, yet made completely her own.

Etoile Marley has a very iconic and distinct ‘look’ too, with her signature red lip and symbolism-infused artwork (chains, lock & key, eyes…) This is not just music, it’s art.

Watch the entrancing Etoile Marley live!

Etoile Marley has an upcoming gig at the Moustache Bar, London, 1st October. Grab your tickets now and get an exclusive listen to her upcoming EP! Visit for all the info.