REVIEW album Cozmic Rise For You (Single)

Cozmic Goes The Distance On "Rise For You"

Rise For You (Single)


Playful and purposeful, Cozmic has cultivated an irresistible and invigorating lifestyle musical platform that reflects the vibrant legacy of his Venice Beach environs. For decades, the freaky beach town has been a counterculture hotspot linked to artists as diverse as Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and Perry Farrell. Cozmic’s genre-defying sensibility is a modern-day soundtrack to this fertile scene. His aesthetic epitomizes the beach’s current mishmash of art, tech, spirituality, and yoga colliding with punk rock, skate, and surfer culture. His music embraces pop, electro-pop, indie-pop, R&B, singer-songwriter narrative writing, and urban-pop. His latest work recalls diverse artists ranging from Two Feet to Khalid, Blackbear, and Dermot Kennedy.

Cozmic’s latest single is “Rise For You.” The track blends indie-rock, folk-pop, emo-inspired lyrics, rhythmic vocals mixed with sensually emotive singing, and trap beats. This is a banger of gratitude bursting with goose-bump inducing hooks. The song is pure spiritual uplift with a broadly resonate lyrics that can evoke intense feelings of devotion. Cozmic’s vocals are dynamic and tender, recalling NoMBe’s smooth and reflective indie-pop musicality.