REVIEW album Atfa Hill Vibin (Single)

Get "Vibin" With Afta Hill's New Single

Vibin (Single)

Atfa Hill

Afta Hill's songwriting follows traditional pop music, with catchy hooks and melodies to infiltrate the listeners psyche, while also displaying laser focus in his verses. 'Tehranto,' his forthcoming new record, tackles life's extremes as an early 20-year-old in the 2010s. Themes of self-identity, mental illness, isolation, love, lust, perseverance, and pride are explored in depth.

"Vibin," the first single to be shared from 'Tehranto,' is about not letting 2020 beat you up. With everything that’s happened, the priorities of young people have shifted drastically. Afta Hill's verses represent that change in mindset.