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You Dram, We Jam - The Whisky Sessions

  Well matured, left to age and then responsibly consumed, yes the whiskey sessions is set to hit Manchester with some classic acts.

Whisky above any other spirit has been lived an intermingled life with the finest artists throughout the ages, from the blues musicians of Nashville to Ke$ha’s unhygienic method of brushing her teeth with a bottle of “Jack”. Therefore it was only logical for this Victoria Warehouse in Manchester to host two days of fantastic music at the Whisky sessions.

Taking place on Friday 21st/Saturday 22nd of November and headlined by local legends “I am Kloot” and Southporters finest “Gomez” the line up offers other glorious aged music for the alcoholic accompaniment such as “Tim Burgess”, “Badly Drawn Boy” and “Little Comets”.

But the treats don’t stop there as more fresh alchopops such as “Josh Record” brings his own melodic singer songwriting to Manchester, and it’s sure to ease the hangovers of the previous evenings events. Other highlights include the sister-brother duo “Southern” often referred to as the Irish White stripes, bringing their own brand of blues-guitar-pop to the warehouse, whereas “The Riptide Movement” take their folksy guitar quartet to start the party early.

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