REVIEW album Lydia Singer Lemme Know (Single)

Lydia Singer Captivates With 'Lemme Know'

Lemme Know (Single)

Lydia Singer

Pop newcomer, Lydia Singer, rises to the top with a mesmerising performance. Furthermore, her latest release 'Lemme Know' is the medicine we have all been craving, and it is easy to figure out why it is sending a shockwave far and wide.

Starting with a mellow opener which gradually increases in volume. It comes with a natural direction, and it has a beach style rhythm which leads us into the vocal perfectly. Lydia then leaps out with a powerful vocal delivery. She sings a melody which is tough to ignore and her signature sound flourishes from the get-go. For me, I hear a close similarity to Ariana Grande on this performance, and she is right up on the level of the greats.

Angelic and harmonic sounds pop out after the first verse and Lydia stays well away from the status quo with a distinct foundation musically. I relish this approach because it gives her a unique position in the industry; otherwise, she may come across as sounding similar to the rest of the industry noise. Also, in the chorus, Lydia stands out like a beaming light. Vocally, she can do no wrong, and her lyricism is on fire with a hugely relatable meaning.

As the track comes to its closing section, the sounds become even more subterranean, and Lydia carries confidence with multiple vocal layers adding a new flavour to the already potent mix. So is this the best yet from Lydia? I would say so; it is a gem.