REVIEW album LZYBY Frustration (Single)

LZYBY Takes On A New Direction In Pop

Frustration (Single)


LZYBY is the Oxford student making all the noise at the moment in the pop realm. Furthermore, his latest single 'Frustration' is sending a shockwave far and wide; it is on fire!

Combining up to date hooks with nostalgic elements, 'Frustration' is a hybrid of fresh and the best from yesteryear. It starts with a powerful rhythm which brings thumpy bass with an 80s influence back to the forefront. LZYBY then leaps out with courage with a vocal which is captivating and his delivery is impressive with him singing about the frustrations of modern life.

He gets his message across quickly, and he pushes forward with nail-biting texture. I also enjoy how he introduces sounds which we do not hear all too often in the modern space. Also, his approach to song writing is out of the box given that I can only link him to a small number of artists in this field. However, vocally, I would enjoy a little more backing harmonies in places as I believe it would make his vocal section sound even more full. Nevertheless, he does introduce an echo effect in the chorus which does leave a long-lasting impression for anyone who enjoys layered vocals.

In the closing stages of the track, more sounds jump out including an unorthodox sounding synth ahead of a thunderous bass finale. So, is this modern pop at its finest? It is a new approach to the genre, and I relish the style crafted by LZYBY. Also, it gives us a fresh direction for the future.