REVIEW album Dolche Sunday Mood (Single)

Dolche's New Single 'Sunday Mood' Details Hope & Finding Freedom From Abuse

Sunday Mood (Single)


The fifth single from Dolche's eagerly awaited new album, ‘Exotic Diorama’, ‘Sunday Mood’ continues the theme of beautiful, evocative soundscapes. Its dreamy, elegant, accomplished, powerful pop of the highest order. This Italian-French singer, songwriter, composer and producer is fiercely independent and focused on her unique artistic vision and powerful message. This single is a fine example of this.

Dolche has a 20-year career with over 500 concerts under her belt and numerous collaborations with Grammy Awards winning artists, while constantly shifting seamlessly between multiple genres. She is perhaps what you might consider a 'musician’s musician' at times, but certainly a musical connoisseur’s choice. Dolche’s songs are not disposable pop trifles, they are bold observations and stirring affirmations.

‘Sunday Mood’ is the story of escaping gender violence to claim victorious and untamed freedom - it's raw, disturbing & essential listening. Dolche describes it as “Bach and Joni Mitchell”… an intriguing description for the uninitiated and is demonstrative of her skilled way of taking inspiration from many artists and multiple genres and making music that is uniquely her own.

The subject matter is one that many of us can empathise with, and relate to. The video underscores the message of finding one's freedom from abuse with a powerful visual narrative plot of a young woman making her escape and 'finding' herself once again. Having heard Dolche's previous singles, each one a powerful message and unique soundscape , I eagerly await the complete set of her musical gems on the album 'Exotic Diorama' coming later this month. In the meantime this is highly recommended listening.