REVIEW album Julian Kerins To Solemn Maia

Julian Kerins Captivates On Latest Album 'To Solemn Maia'

To Solemn Maia

Julian Kerins

As an artist that never looks to pigeonhole himself into a box, singer and songwriter Julian Kerins has always looked beyond the realms of genre and conformity throughout his career, and this shows perfectly on his latest full-length 'To Solemn Maia'.

While firmly rooting himself within the prog-rock arena, the sound that Kerins looks for usually comes with a dash of ingenuity at every turn. Bringing in a mix of jazz, soul and psychedelic influences, this new collection is a bold and diverse offering that always seems to surprise. Whether its his sensational vocal range or ability to form hugely complex compositions, there rarely seems to be a moment where he isn't reaching for some sort of otherworldly presence on every track.

It may not be the most conventional record to listen to, but that isn't really what he is going for. Instead we are treated to ten gloriously ambitious singles that cement him as one of the most original artists we have heard in a long time.