REVIEW album Sam the Astronaut Midnight Car Light

Sam The Astronaut Take Flight With New Single

Midnight Car Light

Sam the Astronaut

All Sam the Astronaut wants to do is move you. Whether that be by way of their infectious beats and melodies sparking a blaze throughout your body that turns into a dance, or emotionally through those same elements weaving around powerful lyricism. The combination of Garrison Johnson’s distinct rich vocals and TJ Gibson’s dynamic production offers up anthemic West Coast alt-pop that feels both contemporary and reminiscent of the classic hits across your favourite party playlist.

“High for You,” the newest single off of the duo’s 'Midnight Carlight' LP, it's a bonafide summer anthem and an ode to the nostalgic sounds of 2000’s electro pop. 'Midnight Carlight' is a discipline of love. While Sam the Astronaut explored (and you will hear) many decades of inspiration on this record, the foundation is very much in the ’80s. In production, the pair sprinted down every hallway they could. In song, they only recorded what they thought was lightning in a bottle.