REVIEW album The Beauty Of Gemina A Night Like This (Single)

The Beauty Of Gemina Conjure Up A Hazy Mystical Dreamscape With 'A Night Like This'

A Night Like This (Single)

The Beauty Of Gemina

Swiss alternative pop/rockers The Beauty of Gemina are back, further introducing themselves to the UK market with their second single, 'A Night Like This'.

Darkwave fans, old school Goths and lovers of the 80s New Romantic movement won’t be able to get enough of both the music and Michael Sele’s personal style. From The Cure-like opening to Sele’s 'Andrew Eldritch meets Chris Rea' vocals and the hypnotic guitar sound. It’s a sophisticated flourish from a tight and well-established European band that would, no doubt, have packed the dancefloor at Slimelight back in the day.

The video for 'A Night Like This' is bizarre; beautifully shot and featuring everything from people swallowing keys and what appear to be tiny crocodile statues, to a 3 eyed cat and magic eggs – while Sele sings hauntingly of lost dreams and desert skies. Strange and beautiful.

Music is a dark art and The Beauty of Gemina are the wizened sorcerers who know how to conjure up hazy mystical dreamscape songs for the truly discerning listener. Recommend.