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Needless to say I was NOT expecting this from Thee Silver Mt Zion's latest EP

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

The post-rock mainstays offer up that most overlooked of records within the indie rock community; a remix album. You might want to stick around for this one.


Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra – Hang On To Each Other (April 29th via Constellation)

In the much maligned genre of 'post-rock', the Canadian Constellation label is a world renowned chief exponent which helped bring the genre to the attention of hipsters and genuine music fans alike back in the mid 90's thanks to their relationship with Godspeed You Black Emperor, perhaps the genres most celebrated sons and daughters. In fact the numerous side-projects and off-shoots from GYBE tend to make up a good 50% of the label's output and Silver Mount Zion is just one of many such projects.
Of all the numerous Constellation records I've lent my ears to over the years, this latest EP from the collective fronted by GYBE frontman Efrim Menuck is perhaps the most perplexing. Ostensibly a remix album, it takes the titular song from the band's 'Horses In The Sky' album and lends it two drastically different electronic makeovers. The idea of a Constellation band making a dance record is a jarring one indeed, but when you take into account the music here is more 'Burial' than 'David Guetta', it's not a massive leap to make.
The two songs here are both just over 10 minutes long and go by the respective titles 'Any Fucking Thing You Love' and 'Birds Toss Precious Flowers'. To say they bear little resemblance to the original track would be something of an understatement, as a yearning post-rock ballad is transformed into an 2 atmospheric dance numbers, which underline manipulated guitar feedback and Ariel Edge's catchy vocal hooks with insistent beats and an atmosphere that is more 'acid house' than 'acid burns'. It brings to mind the odd indie-rock/rave combinations achieved by the Go Team, only there's less going on here. Of the two numbers, 'Birds Toss' is by far the most interesting, taking on an almost latter-day Radiohead vibe as it spirals to a clattering noisy climax. Both are worth your time though, especially if you ever wondered what a bunch of post-rock musicians trying to make dance music would come up with.