REVIEW album Nathalie Miranda Catch-22 (Single)

Nathalie Miranda's New Single Delivers A Powerful 'Angry Noir' Love Anthem

Catch-22 (Single)

Nathalie Miranda

Nathalie Miranda has a strong, deep, rich voice with a 4-octave range that certainly packs a punch. Her new single, ‘Catch 22’ is a blues and soul number with a catchy pop twist and enormous appeal.

This is instant audio gratification - unapologetically anchoring itself into your head from the very first play! It’s an anthem, an angry love song… and Natalie belts it out accordingly. The film noir styled video (inspired by Bond films apparently) highlights her razor sharp cheekbones and ever sharper lyrical observations; “I’ve got no soul without ya honey, you see I just can’t breathe without your loving, lord knows I’m a sinner, got what I wanted now I don’t want what I’ve got…holy water can’t save us now, now you’ve blood on your fingers that won’t wash away…”.

If there was any justice, this WOULD be a Bond theme song, Miranda has that Shirley Bassey level of class & power. (Whoop whoop!) It’s a big sound, but a simple and effective one. Honestly, blast this out, it’s impossible not to sing along by the second play (apologies to my neighbours).

As RuPaul might say, she’s serving up realness… (and damn yes, I AM jealous of her boogie...) ‘Catch 22’ deserves to be a hit and a big one. Apparently, Nathalie Miranda’s live performances are electrifying – I don’t doubt it. Sign me up.