REVIEW album Laur Elle The Art Of Pretending (EP)

Laur Elle Shines On Striking EP Release

The Art Of Pretending (EP)

Laur Elle

Laur Elle’s debut, 'The Art of Pretending', is a twist on 90s rock nostalgia with modern pop sensibilities. Lyrically, the EP allows us to see through its hopeful exterior to reveal its true depth: a painfully honest reflection on what it looks like to go through the motions of pretending you’re in the right place at the right time until you’re not pretending anymore.

Leading up to the EP, Laur Elle’s singles have been streamed over 450k times on Spotify alone with editorial playlist support.

She has also shared an airy, minimal focus track with the EP, “All That We Didn’t” – a retrospective on a relationship that in hindsight, you’re able to recognize fell apart, not due to the things that you did to each other, but rather, all that you didn’t.