REVIEW album National Barks Something I Can't Shake Off (EP)

National Barks - 'Something I Can't Shake Off’

Something I Can't Shake Off (EP)

National Barks

National Barks continue to craft melodic surf-pop. Time to put on your dancing shoes. There’s something eerie, creepy even about the latest EP ‘Something I Can’t Shake Off’, and these five songs are as entertaining and distinct as ever. This is a band with a tongue-in-cheek style that lingers long after listening. Opening track ‘Creeps’ features Halloween-esque organs and a vocal reminiscent of Kings of Leon’s Caleb. Second track ‘Japanese Car in the Desert’ plays like some kind of waltz written by Foo Fighters.

‘Beverly Chills’ is a stand-out track with National Barks’ signature chord progressions that stray from the norm. You will enjoy listening to this EP from start to finish. ‘Becky Bummer’ has a riff that will refuse to leave your mind once you’ve heard it, whilst the closing track is ever the demonstration of the sultry surf-pop this band are becoming rightfully known for.

Featuring Adam Brandt on vocals & guitar, Jeffrey Earl on drums & vocals, Joe Memory on bass, the trio is diving deep into a whole new retro sound merging with dark, fun, groovy, and western elements inviting listeners into their world while also giving a hint of fear intertwined with a mysterious range of adventure.