REVIEW album Ashley Lauren Alive (Single)

Ashley Lauren Releases 'Alive'

Alive (Single)

Ashley Lauren

Ashley Lauren is taking giant leaps with her latest release 'Alive'. It is a track which I have been gripping to ever since I first come across it and it is fair to say it is the best yet from the New York singer-songwriter.

'Alive' boasts a pop foundation with plenty of likeable melodies rising to the top of the surface as the track progresses. It kicks off with a piano intro which pierces at the heartstrings with its angelic tone. Ashley then leaps out with conviction, and her delivery is inspirational with her singing with full strength.

After the overture, the music takes a deep position with the power jumping out with charming quality. Ashley then delves deep into her vocal register, and she returns with a top-class performance. Furthermore, she sings with a clear tone, and her message is conspicuous with her singing about hope and joy.

Musically, 'Alive' takes influence from some of the greatest gospel tracks but it also stays contemporary with a nail-biting texture which does not sit out of place on the current chart. Also, the structure is refreshing, given that it does not follow a generic pattern with new sections popping out left, right and centre.

Towards the latter, the track takes a step back, and we hear a clapping rhythm which grips us even harder. Also, Ashley delivers one of the most anthemic finales I have listened to in a pop track in recent times. So much so, I cannot get enough of it!