REVIEW album Izakman Real Boy (Single)

Izakman Provides A Welcome Escape For The Musically Open-Minded With Single 'Real Boy'

Real Boy (Single)


Israeli musician and award-winning animator Izakman is difficult to pigeon-hole musically: described as a 'cosmic musical troubadour' in some parts. It seems that anything he creates is a musical journey and a genuine trip.

His new single is ‘a rock ‘n’ roll version of Pinocchio –( yep, for real! ). It sounds like a collision of 1990s indie, the Rocky Horror Picture Show and 1970s glam rocker Marc Bolan, being tie dyed in a washing machine on spin. Sounds wacky, but it works.

Izakman is part of a growing young underground music community called "Floating Anarchy” that have been secretly running music events for 2 years. His sound may not be punk – but his attitude certainly is. He doesn’t follow the rules musically: crossing lines and breaking down barriers, traversing acid distorted landscapes and translating his sometimes bizarre trains of thought into multi-faceted and intriguing cyber-hippy soundscapes. Completely, and wonderfully, far out.

As another lockdown looms large on the horizon, Izakman provides a welcome escape for the musically open-minded. Tune in.