REVIEW album Billy Reekie She (Single)

Billy Reekie Brings Us Goosebumps With Touching New Single 'She'

She (Single)

Billy Reekie

Having amazed the ladies of Little Mix with his talents on TV show 'Little Mix - The Search' , there wasn't a dry eye in the house when he performed an original song about his love for his Grandad. Now Billy Reekie returns with a totally new single called 'She' : a song also about love, but this time of a more romantic kind that brings heartbreak with it.

Yes, the music business is awash with talent show winners, so why should we give his new single ‘She’ a spin? Let’s start by saying, Billy Reekie is a credible songwriter, he also plays guitar, plus he’s been a busker (and I always give total props to buskers.) Reekie has a great voice, there’s a real sweetness to it, and he subtly enunciates his words in quite a unique way (or maybe its just his Scottish lilt) - but it’s an extremely endearing quirk and makes for a pleasurable listen.

The song is a classic broken-hearted love song, that also deals with moving on, apparently it was inspired by Billy experiencing love and heartbreak for the first time… (there’s that sweetness again!) It’s a delicate vocal over restrained piano and soaring strings, with real warmth. It doesn’t hurt that Reekie also looks like a pop star, and the track comes with a rather well shot video.

Apparently he wrote the track to help heartbroken types find comfort knowing that they are not alone in their heartbreak and to find strength from it. Admirable. Even if you are loved up and well in your partnerships, you can still enjoy this track. In fact, I will go as far to say that ‘She’ will give you goosebumps. Billy Reekie is doing Scotland proud.