REVIEW album D•SIPAUL It's No Good (Single)

D•SIPAUL Drops 'It's No Good'

It's No Good (Single)


Fresh electronic producer, D•SIPAUL pushes his unique sound even deeper into the contemporary world with his new delivery 'It's No Good'.

Teaming up with vocalist, Freya Alley, the pair shine like a beaming headlight. For me, I enjoy how they unleash a new sound while taking hints from some of the best in this field. Furthermore, it all gets underway with a climbing synth arrangement which rattles my speakers, but for all the right reasons.

It then hits the boiling point with a drop which leads us into the ultimate driving soundtrack. Freya then greets the mix with an unforgettable performance. Her tone is delicious with her hitting the sweet spot on many occasions. Also, she sings with no ambiguity with her message resonating deeply from the instant.

As the track progresses, we hear a wide range of sounds taking the focal position. It is what makes this track super exciting with the arrangement and structure changing regularly. Also, the melody which echoes around the mix proves contagious with it pulling us back in for another fix.

Overall, 'It's No Good' is the type of track which never fails to get the endorphin levels rising. Also, it comes with a fresh angle, and electronic music has never sounded quite as potent as this one. Nevertheless, is it a prototype? Probably not, but it fuses what works so well in the game, and it comes out smelling of roses. So much so, I will be keeping this one close for quite some time.