REVIEW album Ione Loved By You (Single)

Lone’s ‘Loved By You’ Is Heartfelt & Relatable

Loved By You (Single)


We’ve all been there - when someone says they’re ‘not ready’ to commit. Ione expresses this frustration in the opening of new song ‘Loved By You’. But really, this is a fear that evaporates by the time the chorus hits and ultimately - like everyone on planet earth - she expresses a desire to simply be loved and love in return. What’s more, though this is an age where there is more advocacy for self-love and self-care than ever before, the basic need to be loved will never fade. As social animals, we all need that human connection.

‘Loved By You’ is a beautiful song with relatable yet deep lyrics that will have you soul-searching. Ione is a Manchester-based singer-songwriter with a particular talent for vocal arrangement, as is showcased in this most recent single more than ever. Ione has been working as a professional vocalist since the age of 14, and has performed alongside Gorillaz, Paul Heaton, Adam Green and Errol Brown (Hot Chocolate), and Carl Barat & Pete Doherty of The Libertines amongst others. She has also performed backing vocals on records for Foals and Blossoms. In 2016 Ione was one of the original singers in the much-acclaimed "Haçienda Classical" project, and later that year she went on to join the cast of "Thriller live" and eventually became Lead in one of the longest running shows in the West End.

‘Loved By You’ by Ione is out now to stream across all major platforms. Watch the video where Ione explains the meaning behind the lyrics below.