REVIEW album Leahy Good Water (Single)

Leahy Leaves Us Wanting More With "Good Water"

Good Water (Single)


Canadian band Leahy’s forthcoming new album, 'Good Water', brings the five women members of the group – Leahy sisters Julie, Erin, Maria, Siobheann, and Denise – freshly to the fore, in singing and especially songwriting, along with brother Frank on drums.

The title track and first single, “Good Water,” is inspired by the idea of our shared common bond, what unites us as human beings, as persons living in the world – right now. Presently our planet is rife with division where, in reality, we have more in common as fellow human beings than the differences that “divide” us; we all desire to be loved, to belong somewhere, to be happy, to make good on today and hope there is a tomorrow; we’re all thirsting for good water.