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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Pressing play on my laptop to Hong Kong’s LP “High Noon” I’m eager to hear this artists creation, instantly noticing my mood alter to sombre and calm, everything around me is frozen. I feel like I’m in a movie and the camera pans around the central focus and makes everything else come to a standstill. That’s what this LP does, it has this imagery effect allowing your mind to wander and focus on emotional and personal thoughts.

This self- realisation LP takes you to a different world with the music being the stimulus and the mind being the creator. Hong Kong originally known as Chuck Gonzales has perpetuated this effect successfully and honestly.

The indifferent sound is Indie Folk but has a vintage tone to it, possibly the droning rich vocals being the cause with acoustic guitars and bass strumming to create a soft yet folk feel. With influences such as Neil Young and The Smiths it’s clear to see the impact in this LP as the folk and country sound that is Young can be translated; and the meaningful lyrics and perfect guitar playing reflects The Smiths.

With some tracks following the same pattern and course, it’s easy to relax and get into a trance without realising the song has changed. But it isn’t until the track “Late Bloomer” plays and suddenly you wake up.

“Late Bloomer” is by far my favourite track even beating self-titled track “High Noon”; this is because the use of electronic guitar is highlighted more. Not too much to sound Metal but just enough to create a rough echoing effect that is of a higher level.

The unique vocals and sound create a serene relaxing atmosphere that would be perfect to listen to anywhere, I have a very good feeling that we’ll be hearing Hong Kong in soundtracks to little Indie films or at Summer Festivals in the near future... obviously somewhere where our imagination can run wild. Written by Hannah West