REVIEW album Patrik Jean Consequence (EP)

Patrik Jean Serenades With His Heartfelt New EP 'Consequence'

Consequence (EP)

Patrik Jean

After the soaring success of his previously shared EP 'L Is For' back in 2018, Swedish artist Patrik Jean has been firmly on the radar of numerous tastemakers since then. Known for his bright and euphoric pop direction, he has slowly spent the last few months building up the anticipation for this, his new collection 'Consequence'.

After just a few tracks in, it is clear that the magic spark he has always looked to ignite is far from dimming as 'Consequence' continues that solid and driven direction I've been looking for. Dabbling more with a traditional pop aesthetic and stamping his own mark on the sound, these new offerings not only see him return with a proficient and sweeping charm, but allows to see more of his tender side, especially on the single 'The Talk'.

Overall, 'Consequence' is a light and joyous return for the singer and songwriter. Brimming with sweet and supple pop overtones, his return is not only welcome, but applauded from start to finish.