REVIEW album Zipten Cube Escape (Single)

Zipten Drops 'Cube Escape'

Cube Escape (Single)


Electronic and experimental producer, Zipten rises from the underground with his new release 'Cube Escape'.

It is the first track which I have come across from the Italian native, and it ticks all of my boxes from the instant. Furthermore, although it stays short for the entirety with only 1 minute and 50 seconds of audio being present, it unleashes the gems in the short time, and the super quick and sweet technique pays off massively.

The overture greets us to Zipten's contagious quality. Moreover, it kicks off with tapping beat, which sits alongside a rising synth melody. It carries a similar direction to what we regularly hear in the modern space but yet it also brings a new essence which is refreshing. Furthermore, just as soon as you expect the rhythm to carry on into a massive drop, the direction suddenly changes and the key flips rapidly. Additionally, a new mix of sounds appears with a brass section taking the focal position.

Again, as the track progresses, it takes us down a different route which we do not expect. So much so, the entire track keeps us guessing from the very start, and it is a trend which I imagine Zipten will keep delivering with his next releases. Towards the closing stages, it ends just as quickly as it starts and as I expect it to delve down another route, sadly it ends. But, the condensed nature does influence me to hit the replay button.

Overall, this new track is perfect for anyone craving something unique. It is not your everyday electronic release, but it shines with vitality.