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Mark Westberg's EP ‘Starseed Phantoms’ Is Mesmeric

Let’s take a closer look at Mark Westberg’s music…

‘Starseed Phantoms’ is a six-track EP which is colourful and raw. It is no wonder that this is an artist who has Chromesthesia, which has given him an involuntary ability to “see” music and sounds in colour and shades. As he states, ‘music is beyond just a “job” or a mere craft for me - it’s an experience’.

Westberg delivers six unique songs to his listener, which are all individual yet interwoven. Opening track ‘Amber Staircase’ is a gleeful folk tune tinged with darkness. It offers a view of the world which is experimental and highly creative, with its descriptive lyrics and trippy guitar riff. Luscious backing vocals from Leah Leyva-Backing also feature.

‘Paranoid Moon’ explores one of the artist’s recurring motifs - the moon. This is a song which is surrealistic and about the apocalypse, mentioning ‘ultraviolet rain’, and inviting the listener to ‘dance all night’. The chorus is uplifting while the contrasting verses are pensive.

Westberg’s poetic sensibilities carry through into the next track, ‘Paralized’, with mention of nightmares and torment. ‘Delicate’ offers a point of contrast, and features Neil Young style harmonica. Westberg’s influences are clear to hear in particular; the likes of Young, and also Jim Morrison and Jeff Buckley. Closing track ‘Sky Full Of Vultures’ is catchy and melodic with beautiful guitar-strumming and beautiful, minimal percussive elements which work to build suspense throughout.