REVIEW album Raphaela Gilla Star Song (Single)

Raphaela Gilla Delights On Latest Single "Star Song"

Star Song (Single)

Raphaela Gilla

Israeli-born Raphaela Gilla has been exploring and radiating mystical energies for decades through her crafts. Currently based in London and Berlin, Raphaela is a singer-songwriter, soloist, vocal-medium, and spiritual guide, who is trained in contemporary music, jazz, classic, and oriental music at several music institutions. Her multicultural background and world-traveling experience have furnished her music with a distinctive aura, dynamic soul, and wide-eyed depth.

“Star Song,” the first single off of the imminent album, 'Ancient Angel', illustrates why musical range and spirituality are her greatest weapons, the weapons to heal inner wounds and restore long lost humanity with love and happiness. Profound and all-consuming, and impossible to degrade with mundane delusion, this song is not a mere repetition of the approach she carried out on the 2019’s opus, 'Eden'. Flourishing her oriental and world music-esque rhythms with trance-like celestial ambience, this track directs Raphaela to a more transformative and transfixing route. The video for the song presents the needful other-worldly essences and azures to offer a sublime seraphic journey.

Indeed, pinpointing Raphaela as a divine healer, “Star Song” invites the sufferers to the Pool of Bethesda to get cured of the misery.