REVIEW album Tailor Reminisce (EP)

Tailor’s Debut EP, 'Reminisce'  Is A Time Capsule Bursting With Emotion.

Reminisce (EP)


Every once in awhile, one comes across a musical project that seems to have a song for every mood and every feeling, and it sticks with you, remaining embedded in your heart and mind because the words are so relatable and the music moves you to your core. Tailor’s 'Reminisce' EP is one of those projects, a time capsule bursting with emotion and enveloped in nostalgia. In it, Tailor artfully explores the complexity of human relationships and takes us all along for the ride on the emotional rollercoaster that is 'Reminisce'.

Tailor’s distinctive songwriting has a way of conjuring up emotions buried deep inside, the storytelling style he adopts in his EP evokes feelings of sadness for lovers lost, hope for love yet to be found and comfort in the love we already have. Each track cleverly dissects the fragility, complexity and beauty of human relationships with a sincerity and honesty that’s both endearing and highly relatable.