REVIEW album The R Train Take A Ride (Single)

The R Train Take Our Ears For A Ride

Take A Ride (Single)

The R Train

It is no surprise that I am obsessed with the new record, “Take A Ride”, by The R Train. I was first introduced to this band after hearing their debut single “Flip Out Zone” and being blown away by their energy, charisma, and spunk. Vocalist/guitarist Jeffrey Black and drummer/vocalist Mike Annese founded the band in 2019, and later joined forces with bassist Denny Lee to form the complete set.

This Brooklyn based band is the modern, yet classic rock sound we all hope to find when we put on any Alternative or Indie Rock playlist. And with such a heavy and sometimes heartbreaking world we live in, it’s important to have a band to look up to, to lighten the mood and help us forget about what is going on around us.

That is exactly what “Take A Ride” does for it’s listeners. It challenges listeners to get up, stomp their feet, bop their head to the beat, and get in a party spirit. The versatility of this song is immeasurable, fitting in perfectly at a wedding, but also at the top of your “TGIF” playlist that you and your roommates blast once the weekend officially starts.

I'm a huge supporter and fan of this band because of their authentic sound, welcoming personalities, and of course, incredible musical abilities. I'm looking forward to hearing more from this band!