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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Welcome to an abstract whirlwind of beats and blimps, glowing neon synths and a mosaic of styles from Bobby Tank...

 "I think I just had an eargasm. I blew my load all over my shoulders and pressed the play button again. Ignoring the snapshots of sampled vocals being used like a rhythmic addition a la James Brown, this is an instrumental track, but it's all the stronger for it, with so much going on, where the hell would you fit some proper lyrics? There are moments of dance, dub, prog, and so much more on display within the brief (but bursting at the seams) five + minutes. Musically it touches on elements of Justice/Sebastian's funk/disco-sample splicing, the throw everything and the kitchen sink in the mix-style of Tiga, Hudson Mohawke's ability to bring an 80's funk/pop/r 'n b feel to modern mixing and the otherworldly sounds of Discovery (xl recordings). There's just so much going on, do yourself a favour and cut yourself off from the world for an hour or so and listen to it on repeat!"
BOBBYTANK It’s been nearly 12 months since we’ve heard from Bobby Tank but he’s back and as upfront as ever with his new single 'Undone', released on the MofoHifi label on May 12th. His time spent away has been spent holed up in his Harrow studio, recording and readying a plethora of new music for the year ahead including what will be his debut album as well as a live show. New tracks Undone and Learn From You are an abstract whirlwind of beats and blimps, glowing neon synths and a mosaic of styles employing his arsenal of multi-instrumentalist expertise, a master of unpredictability, you don’t quote know where you're going to end up at the end of the track. New single released on MofoHifi May 12th