REVIEW album Red Flower Lake Three Truths (Single)

Red Flower Lake Unveil Gorgeous "Three Truths"

Three Truths (Single)

Red Flower Lake

“Baby Don’t Go” is one of Red Flower Lake’s latest tracks included in their new EP “Three Truths.” Red Flower Lake is a Virginia-based electronic duo made up of couple Abel Okugawa Wright and Rahimah von Briesen. Now married, the duo has been making music together since their teens, now with a newfound clarity and confidence.

“Baby Don’t Go” is a track about the complexity of relationships, inspired by the duo’s relationship with each other. In their own words, it’s about how “love is not easy all the time. Rather it is a process of growth, of learning, searching, and of discovery”. It is about the unbearableness of life without love and the power of the duo’s bond. With electronic sounds blended with von Briesen’s hauntingly beautiful vocals, this track will certainly stir your feelings with its raw message.

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