REVIEW album Maxine Linehan This Time of Year (Single)

Maxine Linehan Gets Into The Festive Spirit

This Time of Year (Single)

Maxine Linehan

Maxine Linehan’s powerful, emotive voice has long transfixed listeners, and this year, she’s blending her vocals and storytelling abilities to create a Christmas album filled with beautifully sung themes. Though Maxine is based in Southern Vermont, the theatrical musician was raised in Ireland. The first single off the new record, “This Time Of Year,” sings of the pang she feels in her heart when she thinks back to the special memories of her youth in Ireland.

Maxine’s luscious vocals embody that delicate, emotional balance, weaving in and around harmonies that rise alongside orchestral strings. The gentle accompaniment of a piano rounds out the full sound of the song, pulling the listener deep into the story Maxine weaves, and readying us all for the holiday season and to connect with family and loved ones we hold so close year round.

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