REVIEW album Munk Duane Sweet Tooth (Single)

Munk Duane Delivers A Treat With "Sweet Tooth"

Sweet Tooth (Single)

Munk Duane

Munk Duane breathes laidback soul into his unique style of pop and R&B. His latest track, “Sweet Tooth,” was mastered at Magic Garden Mastering in LA by Brian Lucey, who produces for The Black Keys, Green Day, Chet Faker, and Lucinda Williams, among others. The track moves along slowly and seductively, with gentle bass licks accompanying sweet harmonies.

Based in Boston, Duane is a 2 time New England Music Awards winner and has been featured everywhere from Billboard Magazine to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. His style, inspired by 60s and 70s R&B with a 2000s twist, can win over any listener. While his past albums have been more socially conscious, “Sweet Tooth” nods to a lighter tale of temptation, a theme that is easy and energetic to groove along to.