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Animal Collective Bring Us A Great Surprise For Record Store Day

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Record store day is upon us this week, celebrating independent stores and music where the independent culture comes together in recognising the art that is music. With street raves, exclusive and exciting offers and re- releases on a good old thing called vinyl.

animal collective

Experimental gods Animal Collective are doing their bit this weekend by re- releasing their Acoustic based EP “Prospect Hummer”, 10 years since its initial release. Originally only available on CD and digital, Animal Collective have given us indie lovers a great present for Record store day and that is to own “Prospect Hummer” on vinyl for the first time ever with a limited edition of 1500 copies.

“Prospect Hummer” consists of four tracks, three of which featuring singer songwriter Vashti Bunyan. With Vashti’s soft harmonies and folk attitude, it creates a mellow and peaceful feel to the EP. Being fans of Vashti for a long time, Animal Collective created and carefully selected three songs for Vashti to reside in and bring beauty to, “It’s You”, “Prospect Hummer” and “I  Remember Learning How to Dive” are the tracks that celebrate the individuality of these two participants.

The third track on the EP “Baleen Sample” is perfectly positioned as the busy sounds bring higher dimensions, drifting away from the safe peacefulness. Yet listening carefully, the actual Baleen sounds almost bring the same peace as Vashti’s voice to the EP showing the different spectrums of tranquillity. Ultimately Animal Collective has done the brilliant job of finding an unusual motif and manipulating it till it’s beautiful. This EP will sound immaculate on Vinyl so hurry and get yours!

Words by Hannah West

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