REVIEW album Mungbean I Love You Say It Back

Mungbean Captivate On Their Eclectic Debut Album 'I Love You Say It Back'

I Love You Say It Back


After already showing what they are worth with a string of bright and euphoric indie-rock offerings these last few years, US outfit Mungbean are set to create one hell of a reputation for diverse intentions with their debut studio album 'I Love You Say It Back'.

Previewed by a cluster of new offerings over the last few months, 'I Love You Say It Back' is one of those records that manages to form an identity while remaining completely eclectic throughout. Amongst their usual guise for bright and breezy indie-rock grooves, you'll find hints of disco, funk, dream-pop and so much more. The result is this wonderfully broad and enticing collection that moves with an effortless charm from start to finish.

Things may still be only just beginning for Mungbean at the moment, but with an LP like this, there is every chance we will be seeing a lot more of them in the years to come.