REVIEW album Son Of Cabe Whistler (Single)

Son Of Cabe Offer Up Anthem In Sensational New Single 'Whistler'

Whistler (Single)

Son Of Cabe

At present, we’re all looking for something to get us through to the end of the year. Well, lucky for us, Son of Cabe are set to release an absolute anthem of a single to lift our spirits and empower us. The virtuosic duo, made up of Guildford natives Conor McCabe and Jack Holland, is treating our ears this month to an experimental, electronic anthem. ‘Whistler’ is the fresh single from the talented two, set to be released at the end of the month. Meeting at university, the pair’s musical ambitions just keep elevating, with already over an immense three hundred and fifty thousand streams on the platform alone. Pretty big deal for a band that only released their first single in 2018. The duo’s sound reflects the fresh wave of electro-indie pop infiltrating our airwaves this year. Whilst trudging through the tedious times of the recent lockdowns, Conor McCabe found himself heavily weighed by the onslaught on never-ending negativity. ‘Whistler’ is the powerful product of this isolation; at it’s core is the escapism we have all craved these recent months. Conor offers up a vibrant vocal performance throughout the track, treading the line between intimate and empowering with an ease only such a proficient performer could provide. Jack Holland’s drums create a drive and a powerful pulse throughout the track. With its’ release date later in November, Son of Cabe are setting out to school us all on the utter anthemic qualities of a carefully curated electro-pop banger, lifting our spirits all the while. Youtube: Soundcloud: