REVIEW album Mimah Panacea (EP)

Breath Of Fresh Air With Upcoming Hip-Hop Artist's EP

Panacea (EP)


Mimah is a name you need to take note of because this artist is fast making waves. Ripples started when she first put pen to paper and hit the studio before releasing the rebellious 'Hey Babe!' last year. Now she's here in full flow, with a stand-out 5 track EP called 'Panacea' that will blow your mind.

Crocodile logo ablaze on the EP's artwork, Mimah has as much bite as this infamous reptile, with words that will hit you in every song of the EP. She is a talented lyricist who mixes up the casual with the profound.

Drawing inspiration from an unwanted existential crisis, 'Panacea' aims to live up to its name, which defined means, 'a solution or remedy for all difficulties'. 'The medicine, named after the Greek goddess of universal remedy Panacea, is any supposed remedy that is claimed to cure all diseases and prolong life indefinitely.'

There are moments of all-out attitude with 'Drip Like Honey' and then more refined beauty in there as with our favourite track 'The Rose'. This record makes for an entrancing listen and has something for every listener. Mimah not only raps, but sings too, and with this EP she proves her versatility as an artist.

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MIMAH ยท Panacea