REVIEW album Julia Thomsen New Beginnings (Single)

Julia Thomsen Takes Us To A World Of Festivity

New Beginnings (Single)

Julia Thomsen

Julia Thomsen takes us far from a world of COVID into a peaceful world of festivities with her new composition, 'New Beginnings'. It is a track which is supporting donations to the Shelter charity this Christmas time, and it pierces with emotion from the get-go.

Having been familiar with Julia for a few months now, I knew that this new release was going to be a treat the moment I came across it. By heck, Julia does not let us down here. Furthermore, her composition glides through the airwaves with sparkling quality and the British composer leaves an indent like no other.

It all gets underway with tranquil bells which chime away with an orchestral arrangement peaking in through the window. The pace then suddenly picks up with a bold character, and it leads us down a spirited path. For me, I enjoy how 'New Beginnings' gives us a feeling of empowerment with its crushing arrangement popping to the surface as the track progresses.

Also, I cannot help but feel as though the track is an emotional rollercoaster with it one moment picking us up before gently taking us back down to earth. Additionally, I hear a wide range of similarities to some of the most fantastic Christmas film scores in the last few years. So much so, it would not surprise me if a film sync supervisor picks this one up in the not so distant future.

Overall, smashing job, Julia. Now, someone, please throw me my slippers and a hot cup of cocoa!