REVIEW album Zipten Volcano Sunset (Single)

Zipten Is Back With 'Volcano Sunset'

Volcano Sunset (Single)


Zipten gets the head-bopping with his new release 'Volcano Sunset'. It is a track which flows energy from the get-go, and I could not help but find myself filling up with warmth.

Fusing modern jazz with electronic, it smashes its way forward with strength. Also, I enjoy that Zipten has introduced a wide range of new sounds, including a funky guitar rhythm which many will compare to something from a Nile Rogers record.

It all gets underway with a thumping bass rhythm with the beat tapping away with all-powerful flavour. Also, a brass instrumental leaps forward with a trumpet cementing the overture together like a tough setting adhesive. As the track progresses, Zipten delves deep, and he pops out with distinction. So much so you will unlikely find something quite the same elsewhere.

For me, 'Volcano Sunset' brings back the feel-good summer vibes which seem so distant now. Also, although there is no vocal in the mix, nothing feels missing, and the music does the talking with it leaving us with a sense of empowerment.

Overall, 'Volcano Sunset' is the track which we all need in our lives right about now. Yes, we are in the festive month, and there is nothing Christmassy about it, but it is a refreshing change to listening to all the Christmas tracks which are swamping up the playlists far and wide. Nevertheless, would it have been wiser for it to come out in the summer? Possibly, but I am sure many will still be playing this one come Summer 2021.